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A list of awesome 3rd party libraries and tools for Apple platform development, iOS and Mac. This is not an exhaustive list, just an opinionated set of resources. I highly recommend you check Github's Objective-C and Swift Trending Page often.

Libraries & Frameworks

Mac UI
  • FLAnimatedImage Performant GIFs for iOS
  • GPUImage GPU based image and video processing for iOS
  • FastImageCache iOS library for quickly displaying images while scrolling
  • SDWebImage Asynchronous image downloader with cache support for iOS
  • Pop Extensible animation library for iOS and Mac
  • JazzHands Key-frame based animation for iOS
Model Programming
  • Mantle Simple model layer library for Mac and iOS
  • Realm A new mobile-first database
Network Programming
  • GCDWebServer HTTP server for iOS and Mac
  • CocoaAsyncSocket TCP/IP socket server and consumer for iOS and Mac
  • Restkit Transform REST API calls into models (including Core Data) for iOS and OSX
  • AFNetworking "The" networking framework for iOS and OSX
  • AlamoFire A networking framework for Swift, written by the creator of AFNetworking
  • Reachability Reachability class for iOS and OSX
Programming Helpers
  • Quick Behavior-Driven Development testing framework for Obj-C and Swift
  • Specta Light weight TDD/BDD framework for Obj-C, built on top of XCTest
  • Expecta A nice matching framework to make your tests more readable
  • OHHTTPStubs Stubs for web request unit testing
  • OCMock Mock objects for Objective-C unit testing
  • Sparkle An updating framework for Mac

Xcode Plugins

All plugins should be installed with Alcatraz, the package manager for Xcode.

Tools & Developer Apps

  • Synx Sync project folders to Xcode groups
  • Dash A wonderful documentation app for the Mac with integration everywhere
  • CoocaPods A fantastic dependancy management system for iOS and Mac
  • Crashlytics Crash reporting for iOS and Mac (and others)
  • Answers Analytics for iOS (and others)

Websites and Resources

For more awesome lists, check out awesome-awesomeness.

If you think anything essential is missing (should be relevant for most or all Apple platform developers) leave me an issue, and I'll take a look.