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A curated list of awesome analytics platforms, resources and other awesomeness. Inspired by awesome-bigdata.

Your feedback and contributions are always welcome! Maintained by @onurakpolat & @koconder

General analytics

  • Hotjar - new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.
  • Matomo - real-time open source app analytics tool.
  • Heap - tracks your app users, clicks, form submissions, and anything else.
  • Opentracker - real time reporting, geo-location user tracking.
  • FoxMetrics - analytics to track your user’s actions and activities.
  • Adobe Analytics - web data into insights that everyone can act on.
  • Google Analytics - de facto standard for analytics in the web analytics space.
  • Clicktale - record and watch exactly how a visitor used your website.
  • GoSquared - analytics with visitor tagging to help you dig deeper into one user’s visit.
  • Clicky - track visits and conversions, you can also track your video and audio analytics.
  • Woopra - track where your users are coming from.
  • Mint - self-hosted analytics solution (no longer on sale).
  • Going Up - manage SEO analytics and web app analytics with one tool.
  • Chartbeat - beautiful, real-time app analytics tool for web apps.
  • Gauges - real-time web analytics tool.
  • Indicative - Web & mobile analytics tool, with heavy emphasis on segmentation and funnel visualization.
  • Open Web Analytics - open source web app analytics tool.
  • Statcounter - one of the ORIGINAL web analytics tools available.
  • Snow Plow - analytics tool for web apps with a lot of data.
  • Adobe Digital Analytics - standard analytics tools plus some that large organizations can use.
  • - real-time analytics, social media traffic reporting, and real-time dynamic segmentation.
  • - real-time web analytics tool with a focus on tracking content.
  • Loggr - track your user events and monitor your web app.
  • Kissmetrics - real-time standard cohort analysis tool.
  • Sitemeter - old analytics tool.
  • Crawl Track - another old analytics tool.
  • Sitespect - full-suite web app analytics tool including A/B testing.
  • Rakam - custom analytics platform that lets you to create your own analytics service.
  • Metabase - opensource analytics/BI tool
  • LiveSession - session replay user analytics.
  • Glassbox - customer experince and session recording analytics.

Privacy focused analytics

  • Fathom - Fathom Analytics provides simple, useful websites stats without tracking or storing personal data of your users
  • GoatCounter - Web analytics without tracking of personal data; can be self-hosted, or use the SaaS.
  • Simple Analytics - Simple, clean, and friendly analytics for developers

Heatmap analytics

Analytics layers

  • - custom-analytics API.
  • Popcorn Metrics - visual editor to capture events and send to other platforms.
  • Segment - helps you integrate multiple app analytics tool with one piece of code.
  • Iteratively - capture clean product analytics consistently across teams & platforms.
  • Analytics npm package - A lightweight, extendable analytics library designed to work with any third-party analytics provider to track page views, custom events, & identify users. Works in browsers & node.js.

Mobile analytics

The tools listed here are not necessarily mobile analytics tools only. However they show a strong mobile focus.

  • Upsight - mobile app analytics tool for developers.
  • Appsflyer - all-in-one marketing tool with analytics.
  • Amazon Pinpoint - Amazons multi-platform, basic mobile analytics tool.
  • Tapstream - user lifecycle analytics.
  • Honeytracks - mobile app analytics for games.
  • Apsalar - analytics tool for larger app shops.
  • Roambi - 3-in-1 analytics tool that helps you track analytics, handle mobile app business intelligence, and app reporting.
  • Appcelerator - entire mobile app marketing suite.
  • Flurry - pretty much the “industry standard” for mobile app analytics.
  • Countly - open source mobile & web application analytics tool.
  • Playtomatic - mobile app open source analytics tool for games.
  • Capptain - real-time analytics tool with segmentation and push.
  • Amplitude - real-time mobile analytics with all data provided in redshift.
  • Appsee - mobile app analytics platform automatically tracks all users' interactions in your app
  • Mixpanel - fully featured mobile analytics platform with segmentation and push.
  • Localytics - fast and beautiful real-time mobile analytics platform with in-app and push.
  • GameAnalytics - leading game analytics platform.
  • Swrve - mobile analytics with segmentation, push, A/B testing and rich messaging
  • Firebase - a free and unlimited analytics solution for android and iOS
  • Liquid - real-time mobile analytics, personalization, multivariate testing, audience segmentation and push.

App store analytics

  • Appfigures - app store analytics to track sales, reviews and rankings with an API.
  • Appannie - track your app data from iTunes, Google Play & Amazon.
  • Distimo - free app store analytics (acquired by Appannie).
  • Priori Data - track and benchmark the performance of apps on Apple- and Play store.
  • Asking Point - track your mobile app user ratings.
  • Apptrace - fast and free app store analytics platform.

Attribution tracking

Social media analytics

Often there is no clear differentiation between social media management and analytics as most the tools provide analytics.

  • Brandwatch - Social media monitoring and analytics.
  • Falconsocial - communications platform built on social media with analytics.
  • Quintly - web-based tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance.
  • Kred - Klout-like social media analytics platform.
  • Buffer - Social media publishing and analytics platform.
  • Topsy - Social analytics tool with search.
  • SocialBlade - premiere YouTube statistics tracking.
  • Hootsuite - Social media management dashbaord.
  • Sproutsocial - Social media management and analytics platform.

Developer analytics

  • GitSpo - Analytics for Open-Source.
  • Pull Panda - Metrics and insights for engineering teams
  • Screenful - Visualise and share your project progress

Analytics dashboards

  • Freeboard - open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups.
  • Geckboard - dashboard for key metrics in one place.
  • Klipfolio - Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform for building powerful real-time business dashboards for your team or your clients.
  • Vizia - Visual command center dashboarding solution
  • [Metabase] ( - Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

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